The Wheel Cleaner hits hard

The Wheel Cleaner hits hard

One of the most popular Kit Car mags around, Total Kit Car, often run product comparison tests in their bi-monthly publications, anything from engine hoists to rivet guns, nuts and bolts to full on cars, their latest issue March/April 2014 was no exception, deciding to run a test on market leading wheel cleaners.








Imagine to their surprise (and ours) when no fewer than 33 challengers entered the arena, from household names which make you feel warm and fuzzy inside to brands from the other side of the planet you may never have heard of, 33 bottles lined up ready to do battle.

The 10 page test covered spray on type wheel cleaners such as ours and was strictly for cleaners only, wheel waxes, polishes and sealants were sat on the sideline for this one, and points were awarded for coverage, action on the wheel, soak result and final shine with a potential top score of 40 points up for grabs.

The test procedure was simple, they gave the wheels a quick spray with clean water and then appied each cleaner (one per wheel) and then left them for 5 minutes to allow thing to 'do their thing' rinsing and then finally buffing to reveal the results.

They calculated the price of each entry per 100ml, then set about evaluating each product awarding points out of 10 in each section and when the magazine arrived on our doorstep this morning we were eager know how we had scored.....


Now this number meant nothing until you put it into contex, 34/40 was the final score, surely a top ten finish for us? We flipped the pages of the mag to find the results table..

Joint second with only a point and 5p in it, a well deserved result and proof that unless you experiment with new products you never know what you might be missing out on.

The Wheel Cleaner forms part of our wheel and tyre care range available sperately or as the handy  Wheel & Tyre Care Kit

We would like to thank Total Kit Car Magazine for inviting our product into the review, to get the full test results pick up a copy of the magazine on sale now!




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