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Kleers Products are based in a seaside town of Sheerness, Kent, just one hour outside of London and is owned by founders and brothers Rob and Andy Barnes who have a credible and long history within the car industry.

Long before Kleers was founded, the brothers saw that manufacturers of car care products did little to keep pace with technologies and trends that were being embraced by vehicle manufacturers and car owners. In fact, it looked like they didn't even care, as they produced and promoted their products in the same old way they had been doing for years. That sense of complacency presented an opportunity - to create and bring to market a range of premium products that catered for the needs of todays motoring enthusiast as well as inventing some new ways to cater for Motorsport applications for cars

After assessing the needs of the present-day car owner and carrying out extensive market research, Rob and Andy set about producing a range of innovative new products that would be in-step with modern day requirements and compatible with new materials and paint finishes. Working with chemists and blenders to incorporate the advances in science and combine the right mix of natural and synthetic ingredients, the initial Kleers product  range was carefully and thoughtfully developed over the course of 18 months.

There then followed a series of rigorous tests and field trials to perfect them, often measuring product performance against competitors or in the instances of outright product-purpose invention, independent testing with leading laboratories in the UK to test and prove performance, for example the ground breaking Aero Performer which required windtunnel testing and analysis or the Carbon UV Protector which required accelerated UV exposure in controlled conditions. Not all of our creations made the final cut, some simply did the same job as others on the market and so they didnt make it into full production, there was no point - needless to say the products that do make the catalogue are there from merit, we believe them to be outstanding in use and performance.
There nothing like real time testing as after all that is the nature of our products - what our customers expect and receive from them when cleaning their pride and joy.  Throughout the development of each product and at various stages, Andy Barnes takes them home and uses them on the weekend - cleaning and protecting his own cars, just as our customers would and reporting back on his findings, as a great lover of cars unless it gets his seal of approval, its back to the drawing board.
Of course we also test important areas such as gloss, durability and a vigorous quality control process throughout production.
However, it wasn’t just the chemical formulae that had to meet our discerning critique: the branding, packaging and the way each product was dispensed was also given careful consideration. That’s why Kleers bottles are made out of aluminium and have sturdy and reliable methods of getting the product from container-to-car - for exmaple our shampoo - we made it with a pump so you can dispense the exact amount you require in your bucket each time according to how soft or hard your water is - this gives consistent performance each wash and ensures you only need to use the required amount, saving our customers money.
After more than two years in the making, it was early 2010 when the Kleers range was finally launched. Since then, its products have received praise and acclaim on a global scale and consequently more innovative ideas in car care have been introduced to meet the demands of the ever-changing automotive market. 
The current Kleers line up includes traditional products that are the staple of any car care range, such as: The Finishing Wax, The Car Shampoo and The Glass Cleaner, whilst alongside there are the even more innovative items: The Carbon UV Protector  and The Silver Interior Purifier for example.

Then comes our exciting Kleers Motorsport range: a series of intelligent products that are aimed at car owners and teams that compete in all forms of motorsport - either at professional or amateur level. The halo product is Aero Peformer, the surface drag reduction system and rubber marble repellant that was designed for aero sensitive racing cars. Please check our Motorsports Range section for the full products listing - each of the products are very special in their own way and are completely different from our road car range.

We trust our website will give you an insight as to how our love of cars and the opportunity to create Kleers for like minded people has inspired us to provide a range of market-leading and innovative products. We now have pleasure in sharing our passion with others that want to make the most of what they drive.

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