Aero Performer Refill

Aero Performer Refill
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  • Specifically formulated for motorsport use
  • In use within Grand Prix front running teams /many other high level vehicles:  Prototypes, GT etc
  • On track test program during development
  • Independent wind tunnel proven results
  • Reduces surface drag by 1.4%
  • Keeps surface slick and smooth
  • Dramatically reduces build up of rubber marbles and bugs on circuit
  • Maintains aerodynamic balance of vehicle and reduces additional race weight of rubber marbles
  • Long lasting protection
Developed over a two-year period, the Aero Performer is a ground breaking innovation from Kleers, specifically engineered to to give maximum performance to racing car surfaces to aid the reduction of drag and foreign object build up.
After studying the amount of debris, rubber, insects and general grime that is collected from the race-track, it became apparent that the interruption in air-flow – albeit small in same cases – could cause drag or sometimes the loss of aerodynamic efficiency, especially if the unwanted items were stuck to leading edges, splitters, wings, body panels and flat-floors. In addition these objects would add weight to a vehicle over a long distance.

Recommended for use on high performing aero-sensitive racing cars, examples of use : Grand Prix,GP2,LMP1,LMP2,GT,GTE,Stock cars,GrandAm,V8,F3 etc
Not recommended for use on glass or plastic windows.

For a detailed technical presentation including track and wind tunnel test information, please contact us.

Here is a video of a wheel which has been treated with Aero Performer as a test. Note the areas of the wheel which have been subject to constant airflow [ clean ] and the dirty areas which have not. With only a stream of water all the dirt is instantly removed.